The perfect combination

I absolutely love A.S. Roberts books and when I heard she was writing for the cocky hero club novels, well the combination was complete.

If you have read more from AS Roberts you may notice ties to Default Destraction but believe not they can be read as standalone.

Nico is intense, a powerful controlled character, he knows what he wants and how to succeed when he wants. Nonna though is his saviour and will do anything to make her happy, including love.

Barbara has a past of an extreme nature, always trying to catch up with her but with being looked after can her current habits be controlled by another self-obsession. A man maybe.

Only one problem, could that obsession lead to a path of greater of self-destruction not just for Barbara but for Nico too?

Pasts need facing united and together, not pulled apart with a chance of happiness available is it an option for them both?


I loved this story…i felt i was actually in Las Vegas and Crete..
I loved the happy ever after ending. I hope there is a follow up book and we get to meet little star…
Thank you A.S. Roberts for another fantastic read…xxx

5.0 out of 5 stars A must read!

It’s a been a while since a male character had me swooning and my blood pumping. Then in swoops Mr Nico Morello and I’m a goner! AS Roberts has masterfully created characters that feel so real and seep into every cell of your body. Together with beautiful descriptions and soulful moments, this story is a must read.

Another Stunner from A S Roberts

Having met mentions of Nico in the default distraction books I was so please he was getting his own story.

Both Nico and Bee believe they are not worthy of decent futures, AS Roberts has shared their past and their future in such a way that the reader can’t fail but be drawn into the story, wanting for more with each page turn.

If you have read any of A S Roberts previous work you won’t be disappointed with this new release.

Can’t wait to see what she writes next

Great Book

Cade (Default Distraction #3) by A.S. Roberts is a wonderfully written story that will have your emotions going all over the place. I’ve truly enjoyed this series so far and I must say if you haven’t already read the first two books I suggest reading them as well. Cade and Winter, He’s the Drummer for Default Distraction and also the mafia bosses son. She is trying to keep it together after her first real love discarded her and she found herself in a life that almost destroyed her. These two have chemistry between. He’s pretty much made up his mind he’s going to get the girl. Can these two have a chance at a future together? Find out what happens next in this absolute must read. I can’t wait to read more from this Author.

Amazing series!

Cade is the 3rd book in the awesome Default Distraction series by A.S. Roberts. Each book concentrates on 1 member of the band Default Distraction. The story in each book runs concurrently so there is crossover in each book. You could read each book as a stand-alone but as this is such an awesome series, I’d advise you to read them all and if you do, you may as well read them in order.Cade Morello is DD’s drummer and his family are mafia. He feels responsible for the suicide of his mother many years previously and now feels that he’s unlovable. Winter Davenport is the younger sister of DD’s guitarist Rafferty and comes with a lot of baggage from her younger years. DD are opening a hotel and Winter is in charge of all planning
I loved Cade and Winter’s story. Both are so broken and neither is looking for a relationship. Winter is still trying to get over a relationship from her past but Cade is determined to get her into his bed and to submit to him. This leads to a lot of very funny interactions between the 2 as Winter does everything to avoid Cade and to push him away.
I actually think that Cade might be my favourite of the DD guys although we still have to get Luke’s story which I can’t wait to read. If it’s anywhere near as good as Cade, then I’m going to love it.
110% recommend this book and the whole series.


This book! 5 epic stars!!

Oh my what can I say….. Cade was much anticipated by me and I am so pleased it did not disappoint.

I love the book, the story of Cade and Winter and how they got a second chance…… More brilliant writing from A.S Roberts!

I devoured every word

Cade was everything I hoped for and more. The third book in the Default Distraction is full of intrigue and had me devouring every word. AS Roberts expertly navigates the reader through Cade and Winter’s past and present and I couldn’t help but fall for both characters.

Their story is dark and emotionally powerful. Their connection although damaged, is not broken and their love is overwhelming and explosive. True Love can be testing, and this a true love story that made my heart burst.

A five-star read that will make you see music

Rafferty by A.S. Roberts a five-star read that will make you see music. This is the second novel in the Default Distraction series, and it has gone from strength to strength, I would say you could read it as stand-alone, but don’t as you will fall in love so hard with the boys you will need to go back and read Brody. Rafferty will warm even the coldest of hearts, this story proves just how love can concur all, it may not be the right time or place, but you fate will play its turn in the end. I have long been a huge fan of the author and this just proved again how amazing a writer she is, Lauren was someone I warmed to immediately and her battle brought tears to my eyes more times than I care to admit. This was a compelling story and one I won’t forget anytime soon, I can’t wait for Cade an Luke, even if its so we see more of Flint, Brie and Biscuit. Thank you for being amazing and bringing these great characters to life.

She continues to impress

This book was written by Andrea S Roberts. There’s little more to be said except her work is incredible as always. If you haven’t read any of her work then choose a book and you’ll not put it down. I’ll offer no spoilers here. Just read it!