Chart topping U.S. rock band, Default Distraction have everything money can buy…


I was born to nothing. Fought my way to the top.

Where I almost lost the lot, including myself.

Now, I’m not just fighting for me.

My daughter deserves the family I promised.

So, here we are.

Starting over in a new country.

A new home.

With a new nanny who’s perfect for her.

The only trouble is … she’s perfect for me, too.

History has shown me that I can’t do relationships.

But my body is refusing to listen to my head.


I was born to a close knit family.

Then it was torn apart.

I stepped up and into the void my father’s departure created.

But somehow, I lost myself in the process.

Now, I’m jobless and desperate to provide for my family.

And the nanny job is exactly what I need.

So, here I am.

In the home of the man, I’ve fantasied over for as long as I can remember.

He’s everything and more than I ever imagined.

I shouldn’t risk my job over my attraction to him.

Not even when it seems he feels the same way.

Giving in, is a dream that carries a massive risk.

When our past mistakes catch up with us and accusing fingers start pointing, choices will have to be made.

Will I be enough to keep him and the job I so badly need?