The Fated Series

The Fated series comprises of four full length novels with plans for a further three novella’s to come in the not to distant future. The books are all in the romance genre but also cross into the suspense and erotic genres. Each book focuses on a different couple, but all of the protagonists within the stories know each other and make great secondary characters. The series has been getting excellent reviews on Amazon, Goodreads and Ibooks. The first in the series is permanently free on Amazon and Ibooks as an e-book.

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Default Distraction

Default Distraction is my latest series of books which follows the lives of chart topping US rock band They have the ultimate rock and roll lifestyle, but it’s not enough. Each book focuses on a different member of the band, Brody, Rafferty, Cade and Luke, and follows their journeys to find the right woman to spend their life with.

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